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For all these models, the 3 simultaneous reactions are fully configurable with 3 reactants and 3 products, their properties, stoichiometric coefficients, kinetic constants, equilibrium, enthalpy of reaction, etc…
You can change the characteristics of the installation (volumes, heat exchange surface, controllers tuning...), display trends of major process variables, composition profiles and rates conversion of reactive in real-time, etc…
Boiling of the mixture take only into account the inert as the volatile component.
Continuous (or batch) Stirred Reactor Cascade of CSTR

A reactor with heating jacket (hot oil), cooling coil (CW), temperature control, feed flow controllers with loaded quantity control and setpoint ramp, level control (in continuous mode), etc…

This model feature a cascade of N CSTR with feed to the first one or in parallel, and full management of reactor startup, steady state and shutdown.

Tubular reactor - Reactor compartments

Tubular reactor
Reactor compartments

A tubular reactor, initially full of inert, that you can start, put in steady state and purge as you want. Various recycle lines allow to recycle all reactor outlet through a cooler, or recycle one of the component…

Reactor compartment featuring a cascade of continuous stirred reactors.

A vacuum monte-jus to gravity load a reactor located 1.50 meters above the ground.
The product is to be loaded in a container at ground level.
The monte-jus is 3.50 meters high.