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Continuous distillation column dynamic model

Continuous distillation column
Continuous distillation under pressure

A continuous distillation column dynamic model with trays, thermosyphon reboiler, feed pre-heater, heating steam, flooding simulation, heat loss, equilibrium curves and graphic constructions (Mac Cabe and Thiele and others). This dynamic model give a very realistic representation of a real continuous distillation column, a very nice tool for operator training…

This dynamic simulation of a continuous distillation column include pressure simulation, non-condensables in the column at startup and in feed, pressure control by inert degazing or pressure control by condenser flooding, to be able to run dynamic simulation with any kind of feed.

Batch distillation - Simple distillation

Batch distillation
Simple distillation

This dynamic simulation of a batch distillation column has a very realistic behaviour. Choose distillate and residue specifications, and run distillation of a binary mixture with your own constraints. Draw off first fraction, inter-fraction and residue with maximum yield and minimum heat consumption, varying the reflux ratio, etc…

A simple continuous distillation boiler with one theoretical stage, to illustrate liquid vapor equilibrium, make process mass balances, or make your first step in process driving.