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Combustion - steam

Natural convection heater
Fired tube saturated steam generator

A dynamic model of funnel with real-time visualization of the compositions of phases on the ternary diagram (equilateral or rectangle triangle). Loading sequences of the 5 liters funnel, agitation, settling, and discharge in two Erlenmeyer of about 2.5 liters.
You can make your own extraction experiment, and see the representative points on the ternary diagram in real time.

This model solves the material balances (solute, solvent, diluent) and equilibrium of a liquid-liquid extraction with N theoretical stages. Extraction stages may be counter-current or cross flow. They can be displayed on equilateral or rectangular ternary diagram, or on the curve representing mass ratios in the two phases.
Q: no dynamics in this model, response time of mixing decanters being usually long due to high residence time!

Liquid-liquid extraction columns

For these models, solvent and diluent are considered non miscible.
Solute equilibium in the two phases is represented on mass ratio (or mass fraction) diagram.

Water tube super-heated steam generator
Mollier diagram Log(P) - enthalpy

A column with agitated compartments, test, final and emptying tanks with two phases management in each of them.
Automatic transfer of test to final tanks, level control interface, cascade compositions control (extract and raffinate) on input feeds.
Flooding management by the model.

A packed column for liquid-liquid extraction, with two peristaltic pumps and gravity feed flowrate, hydraulic seal for the interface level, recipes for heavy phase and light phase, and outlet valves and bypass to final tank.
Flooding management by the model.

Coupled extraction and distillation column

An agitated extraction column, coupled to a distillation column for solvent and solute separation, and solvent recycle to the extraction.
Solvent can be either the heavy or the light phase (extraction), and solute can be either the heavy or the volatil component (distillation).

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