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Heat exchanger

Heat exchanger bench
Sizeable heat exchanger

Two dynamic models with multi-tubular heat exchangers, varying operating conditions, flowrate influence to reach steady state, parameters of influence on heat transfer, temperature control, display of temperature profile in real time…

Pump and network curve, Fluid dynamic bench

Pump and network curve
Fluid dynamic bench

A model with a centrifugal pump, suction and discharge tanks and lines, to dynamically show the use of pump characteristic curves (total head, net positive suction head), head loss, network curves, cavitation and so on…

A model designed to study head losses in lines, elbows, orifice and venturi, with a pump suction at ground or underground level, discharge tank with level control and pressure control through a split range controller.

Centrifugal compressor

A centrifugal compressor with its characteristic curves, anti-surge control, safety interlocks. A required model to study (polytropic, isentropic) compression, and to understand flow and pressure control around a centrifugal compressor.

For all these dynamics models, you can change the characteristics of the installation (sizes, CV, characteristics of heat exchangers, pumps, compressors, PID controllers tuning…), display trends of process variables, display temperature profiles of heat exchanger, see pump and compressor curves with operating point, etc…

Centrifugal compressor