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Level control - Pressure control

For all the following dynamics models, characteristics can be modified (size, cv, response time, lag, PID parameters of controllers...), and variable trends can be displayed (measure, setpoint and controller output, other process variables).
Level control
Pressure control

A liquid tank (named level tube), a ground tank, a volumetric pump with variable flow, a PID controller measuring the level, acting on a control valve to purge the level tube in the ground tank, a manual leak valve, and various ways to make process perturbations (hysteresis on valve command, unstable pump flow).

A steel vessel is fed with compressed air through a control valve or its bypass. It is equiped with degazing and purge valves, and a relief valve in case of overpressure. A PID pressure controller can be used to illustrate various aspects of process control: process response, PID tuning, etc…

Temperature control - First order - lag process control

Temperature control
First order - lag process control

A steam heater with heated fluid temperature and flow control, visualization of temperature profile in heat exchanger in real time, trend of controlled variables…

With this AZprocede dynamic model, you can play with a virtual process defined through process gain, first order time constant and pure lag, and a PID controller. You can set a proportionnal process or integrative process with specific characterisic, and try to find best controller tunings based on an objective like quick control, or precise control without overshoot, etc…