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For all these models, we can change the characteristics of the installation (dimensions, cv, compressor, PID tunings), display trends of the main variables, temperature profiles, curves of compressors with the operating point, solute solubility curve…
This dynamic simulation model features a pilot evaporation-crystallization for concentration of a salt solution, crystallization of the concentrated solution by cooling (Live View on the solubility curve), and separation of crystals and mother liquor by filtration.
It is made of a continuous boiler fed by a volumetric piston pump, an electrical pin heater, a condenser, a crystallizer (continuous or discontinuous, variable speed stirrer, cooling coil, and level control), a filter to separate the mother liquor and crystals (hydrated or not), and products tanks.
Evaporation crystallization

Double-effect evaporation - Vapor Compression

Double-effect evaporation
Vapor Compression evaporator

Two double-effect evaporators in series at co-current, with management of inert and their influence on the condensation.
The first effect (MP) is heated by a thermosyphon reboiler fed with live steam.
The second effect (LP) is heated by a thermosyphon reboiler fed with steam from the MP evaporator…

Evaporation with vapor recompression through centrifugal compressor with variable speed for energy savings. Characteristic curves, anti-surge control and safety devices for the compressor. A feed pre-heater cool the concentrate for more savings.