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AZprocede, a dynamic process simulator on PC

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AZprocede is a real time simulation software of various chemical processes:
Distillation column, extraction columns and separation funnel, chemical reactors, evaporator and cystallizer, pump, centrifugal compressor, heat exchangers…
It runs on a PC with Windows, you can download it for free (download link).

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With AZprocede you can run on your computer various processes as if they were real.
Process models are very realistic, and are intended for training (operator, chemical engineering students).
Process models are as many as:

  • batch or continuous distillation column,
  • batch or continuous stirred reactor,
  • level control, pressure control, temperature control,
  • liquid-liquid extraction in a separation funnel, continuous mixer - settler, counter current column,
  • centrifugal pump and centrifugal compressor, heat exchangers,
  • convection heater, steam boiler (comming soon),
  • etc…


To use the software otherwise than for private use (ie at a company location, at school or university, for training people, etc…), you need a license.
Ask for a quotation through the contact form below.

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Licensing fee is for limited time (2 years), any computer number, and one site location.
Pricing is detailed in the quotation in US dollars, or in Euro upon request.
If you require license for more than one location, ask for a quotation depending on your case using this contact form.

AZprocede is free for private use on your computer

You can play with various process models immediately after download, and it is free for private use, i.e.
on your personal computer, at your home.
We recommend that you register through this form, to get your keys for private use and overcome some of the software limitations to unregistered users. Remaining limitations (V limited to 2X, no file save) are unlocked to "gold users".

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Unregistered users have the following limitations:

  • no equipment modification such as tray number for a distillation column, controller tuning…
  • most models run only for one month,
  • simulations cannot be saved and loaded…

Registering process consists in filling this form, for the developper to know a little bit about you. Registered users receive within some days an email containing a personal file containing registering keys, valid for one to three months, and only for private use. This file has to be stored in program directory (C:\Program Files\AZprocede is the default), and will be recognized by the software. After expiry date, you can ask for a new key file.

Gold users for private use

If you appreciate this software as a private user, you can donate $15 to thank the author.
You will become a "gold user", overcome some of the remaining software limitations (gold users can use V=16X, save files…), and encourage software developments.

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